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A cleaning service is one of the most important services for offices and homes, and this is why there has been a high demand for cleaners. Keeping the office and home clean can be achieved using a good team of cleaners and supervisors. A good team is able to deliver high-quality services to the clients that meet their expectations.


Working in a Cleaning Service – Responsibilities & Tasks

The process will involve a number of steps and different things needed to do. Cleaners need to do their job without causing any major inconveniences.

vacuuming a hotel room

Working as a cleaner is an interesting thing because you have a chance to change how a place looks, and leave it looking great. Cleaning is not as hard as it may seem because most of the time you are working with a team of qualified cleaners. With the right team, you will have an easier time with the cleanse and be able to work for long hours without easily getting tired. Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping will also involve the use of special equipment and chemicals to deliver high-quality service. The use of the equipment will reduce the amount of manual work required. What are the task and responsibilities you can expect to find when working in a maid service?

Creating a Fresh Appearance

This is the core of the business and will be the thing you spend most of your time at work doing. There are different cleansing methods you will use to ensure you deliver great services to clients. Washing will be done on the floors, walls, ceiling vent, and furniture if needed. It is important to use the right method to ensure no damage is done. You also have to clean the restroom. Some typical methods you will use to do this include mopping, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, etc. You need to follow the instructions of the client.


Documentation is an important thing for every business, and this also applies to cleaning. You will need to perform and document routine inspection and maintenance activities. Proper documentation makes it easier to know what needs to be done and when. You will also be able to track everything at the end of the month easily.

Carrying out special projects

There will be times when the cleaning company gets a special project, and this is where you step in. These projects will not be the same as your normal clients, and it may happen just once. You may also be forced to use different approaches, and spend a little more time especially if you are working in a hotel or office.

Stocking and maintaining supply rooms

You will need to stock and maintain supply rooms to ensure everything is in order. Failing to do so force to stop in the middle of the project just because you ran out of supplies. These supplies can take some time to source, and this can provide a lot of inconvenience to the client.

You will need to know the various chemicals and supplies used when cleaning. You should also learn to handle heavy equipment and machinery if necessary.