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A day care teacher is many times referred to as a child worker and if you love ankle biters, rugrats and curtain climbers, than this could be your dream job. If however shoveling snow in harsh weather conditions is something that you prefer over having to change a diaper than this is not the career choice for you.

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What is the Job Description and Responsibilities of a Childcare Worker?

A day care workers job is to take care of children who parents are working or away, this can be done out of their homes, or in a daycare or childcare center. It is the job of a childcare worker to take care of the everyday needs of children while keeping them safe. Many times this can include feeding, grooming, dressing, diapering babies and toddlers, making sure homework is completed, medical appointments and other kinds of activities.

daily work with children

Childcare workers play games with children, keep them active and at times discipline them reporting back to the parents when necessary. Enrichment activities are created by workers for children of all ages; this helps them to learn basic concepts in preparation for when they enter kindergarten.

A babysitter worker who works in a daycare or at an Early Head Start/Head Start program may work off of a more structured curriculum and generally they have daily schedules for the kids that have to be adhered to. If a childcare worker works from home, they have certain standards that must be met, however it can be a bit less structured. Babysitting is also another option if you need work.

What Are the Education Requirements?

Even though it varies from state to state, generally the only amount of education required to start working is a high school diploma. That being said, most employers do prefer and look for candidates that at least have an associate’s degree in childhood education or something similar. Since 3013, it is required by Head Start programs that a worker at least be enrolled in a program for an associate’s degree in early childhood education or something similar.

There are states as well as employers that do require certification, for example the CCP (Childcare Professional) certification or the CDA (Child Development Associate) certification. On top of that, you will be able to outperform your competition if you have a valid driver’s license, first aid training and a CPR certification. There are also states which require home child workers and facilities to be licensed.

Skills and Requirements

Instructional Skills – it is important to be able to clearly explain instructions in a way that children will understand.

People and Communication Skills – Most of their day is spent with children, they will need to ask and answer questions, tell stories, understand instructions provided to them and report back to the parents.

Stamina – a child is a bundle of energy and a nanny needs the energy and stamina to match theirs. It requires strength to carry children, diaper bags etc.

Patience – there are times, especially around nap times that a child can become frustrating. When tense situations arise, they require a lot of patience.