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The position and career of truck drivers plays a vital role in any of the businesses that distribute goods or products to customers, retailers or wholesalers.

The Responsibilities And Tasks Of A Truck Driver

The job description of a truck driver for deliveries typically is associated with moving products from a producer’s warehouse to consumers, wholesale outlets, retail stores along with various points-of-sales from orders.


truck delivering products

It can also include delivering an extensive array of products from the wholesalers to the retailers, alternatively from the retailers to the consumers. Unlike many of the other types of driving roles, truck drivers involve a blend of administrative and logistics skills.

Delivery truck drivers are expected to keep and take inventories of the goods that need to be delivered and then check on the quality and quantity of the goods to ensure that are matching up to the order. In addition, the driver is required to fill in the necessary documents before and after the package arrives, issue an invoice and then obtain the signature from each of the recipients or customers.

Over and above this the driver also holds the responsibilities of maintaining log books that are in place to record the details of every transaction. This will include the details of the customer such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Arrival time
  • The amount collected
  • Any expenses that were incurred from the actual order process

Additional responsibilities of truck drivers that conduct deliveries also include conveying the ordered goods onto customers, the assistance of loading the merchandise that needs to be delivered and then offloading the merchandise at the necessary points of delivery.

Other duties that the driver may need to perform will include receiving complaints and inquiries from customers and performing the correct maintenance on the driver’s truck which can include conducting minor repairs along with keeping the interior and exterior of the truck clean.

Reputable and professional truck drivers are expected to have good communication skills as the job description is associated with daily interactions that occur with customers from all types of backgrounds. Outstanding customer-service skills are seen as imperative. This should be accompanied by numeric basic skills as the driver is required to constantly handle recording details in monetary and numbers terms.

Certain deliveries may necessitate the collection of payments. This means that the driver must be able to calculate giving the correct change and that the right amount has been received. Package drivers will spend the majority of their working days carrying goods, talking, walking and driving which means they should be in good health and possess stamina.

Examples Of Truck Driver Job Descriptions

The tasks, responsibilities and duties of cross-country drivers typically performed will include the following examples:

  • Deliver merchandise to retail stores, customers and wholesale outlets on the behalf of their employer
  • Make sure the produce is delivered securely and safely
  • Ensure a timely arrival of the merchandise to the designated spots
  • Locating the address of where the orders will need to be delivered
  • Obeying all the traffic regulations