Employment Opportunities

A dental assistant would often work chair-side with a qualified dentist as he or she examines and treats patients. They function in a variety of roles in the office, patient care, and laboratory. One of the main jobs is to make the patient comfortable as possible in the chair.

Roles And Responsibilities

They will help keep the patient’s mouth dry and clear with the use of suction devices until the dentist treats the patient. They should prepare the patient for treatment and help with sterilizing and disinfecting the instruments used to treat the patient. This read offers information on the job functions and responsibilities.

An assistant who works for a cosmetic dentist will have additional duties such as taking x-rays, processing x-ray films and preparing materials for impressions and restorations.

Most of the time, the assistant may have to help with office duties such as scheduling and confirming appointments on behalf of the patients, receiving patients, maintaining the records of such patients, sending bills, accepting payments, and ordering supplies and materials for the office. In fact, most people confuse the roles of an assistant and hygienist. A hygienist is licensed to perform various clinical treatments while an assistant is not authorized to treat any patient.

A professional assistant should work in a clean and well-lighted area. His or her work area is mostly near the chair. They should wear protective equipment such as gloves, eyewear, masks, and other protective clothing when performing their duties. This helps protect themselves as well as the patients from various infections. Since an assistant would usually deal with x-ray machines, they should wear the right protective equipment to minimize the exposure to radiation. Most of the time, an assistant has a 40-hour workweek which may include evening hours and Saturdays.

The majority of students and hopeful dentistsĀ get their training while working under a qualified dentist. Some of them would follow a program designed for this kind of operation. A dentist would prefer a reliable individual who can work cordially with his/her patients when hiring a your partner. The Dental Assisting National Board conducts certification programs. These programs are recognized in more than 30 states in the United States.

The applicants should have a current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation to follow these programs. Many of these people could become a hygienist with the right type of education and training. Most assistants follow various programs in their fields to apply for highly skilled and higher paying jobs in the long run.

cleaning a patient's mouth
All full-time assistants employed by a private practitioner would receive paid vacation time. They also receive dental coverage most of the time. That’s why you need to apply for a post of a dentist’s assistant if you have the basic qualifications for it. It is a steppingstone for a highly skilled and better paying job in the long run.