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Many people are looking for temporary work during the holidays or months when additional help is needed. For instance, Black Friday and Christmas time see an increase in retail shopping and visits to stores that might need additional help stocking shelves, working the cash register, or part-time management.

Our tool is designed to help you search for these jobs quickly and easily so that you can send in your résumé to try and gain an interview opportunity. Part-time jobs are often filled very quickly, especially those where no experience is required. This generally means that a business is simply looking for extra help for a few weeks or months and is willing to take almost any one that has good character and will show up to work on time.

College students, stay-at-home moms, and the elderly sometimes look for quick work during periods of increase demand in order to make some additional income. People that have been recently laid off or that are in between jobs also tend to seek jobs that do not require prior experience.

During periods of high unemployment, it also becomes necessary for many people to seek alternative ways to get a paycheck. It can be very difficult to find full-time work and the only option is to seek out opportunities to make an income quickly to pay bills and other expenses.

This video provides some good insight into the best ways to try and find work without having done the job previously:


Sometimes you will need to be patient and never get discouraged if someone turns you down. It could be that many people applied before you and you simply got there too late. Just accept it and move on to the next gig.

Always follow up after a good interview to find out if you are still in the running. A polite email usually does the trick, but never be too pushy. The hiring manager will usually respond to you within a few days should you be the person that they chose to work with.

One tip is to have a business card ready. Few people go the extra step to prepare a business card that makes you like very professional. Leave your card with the interviewer so that they have a way to quickly contact you. They might also share your card with someone else in the business that is looking for the same type of job candidate. Make sure to leave your name, phone number, and email so that they can reach you in a number of ways. Stay on the hunt and find jobs nearby quickly and easily.

man working in a warehouse for the holidays

Finally, never give up! Someone out there is looking for you to join their team, so as long as you stay persistent and dedicated you should be in good shape to land some part-time work. Good luck with your search! Dress like a pro for your first interview.