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Many teens just like you have found jobs by using the tool below. Just put in your location and then search for your next opportunity!


Many companies are looking to hire teenagers to do simple tasks or to help them grow into a full time position later on. During the holiday season, many businesses are looking for additional help stocking shelves, running errands, working the cash register, and other easy jobs. Teens that are looking for work will often be very helpful with day to day tasks.

Many kids can find employment in the following ways:

  • Part Time
  • Retail
  • Cashiers
  • Store associates
  • Hourly jobs

Many young people like to work in a restaurant as a waiter, waitress, or hostess. They can also work the cash register or take orders depending on the type of business. Other young workers can become bus boys or help with cleaning and setup as needed in a food establishment.

During the summer months, lifeguard jobs or other boardwalk jobs are in high demand. Kids can fill these roles very easily by working day and night shifts to simply check for beach tags or ensure that people are following the rules.

teenagers working in a coffee shop

This the time of year where teen work will be in very high demand, as school is out of session. Most kids have nothing to do all day but visit the swimming pool or play in the local park. Many parents try to teach their children at a young age to seek out work to gain a bit of pin money to be able to afford things like movie tickets, ice cream, and jewelry. Once school is back in session, the amount of kids looking for work nearby will drastically decline.

Trash collection is another common jobs that young people can perform. A group of teens can band together to keep an area clean. High school students often due this for charity but they can also be paid to do this for a low wage. It is very common for start up businesses in retail or food to look for cheap labor by hiring kids in their youth.

If you are looking for a job in your area, then you can use the tool on this page to search what openings are currently available. When you show up for your interview, make sure to be prepared for questions that the interviewer might ask. Dress nicely and be very polite. Do not be arrogant and assume that you will get the work. Be thankful for any opportunity that you get and be sure to show up on time for your assigned shift if you are hired.

Remember, smile often and make sure to make a strong effort no matter what kind of task you are assigned. You can make good money to buy things that you want if you work hard and don’t give up. Some days may not be great, but if you hang in there everything will be OK. Stop back often to find more work.