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What Does A Hostess Do?

Remember about the last time you ate in a restaurant?

Recall the person who greeted you with a smile at the front door, talked with you about the weather, and then assisted you to your table. That woman is a hostess, also known as the host.

They are responsible for a lot of things. They maintain the orderliness in the restaurant at all times. They are usually the first and the last impression of a restaurant. Their job is to make sure that customers are satisfied to keep the guest and restaurant happy. If you would like to find a job at a local restaurant visit this page.

These ladies will cheerfully greet you upon your arrival in the restaurant. They will lead you to your table and hand out their menu. Hostesses monitor their table rotation to make sure that each of them gets a fair number of tables to serve. They are also assigned to keep track of which tables need cleaning and those that are available for new guests.

Another responsibility of a hostess is to make sure their customers are comfortable while they wait for orders to be ready. They are also responsible for updating the guests about the status of their orders. There are times that the restaurant is very busy. Their duty is to let the customers know that they are doing their best they can do to accommodate them. Usually, they start up a conversation with the guest or provide a complimentary drink at the bar while they wait for their food. Local hotel jobs and nearby receptionist work is very similar.

These hostesses duties also include making reservations over in person or the phone, provide special arrangements for disabled individuals or children, and in some cases, they also operate the cash register. They also learn the restaurant’s table layout by heart. These ladies are trained to make sure they know to properly clean and arrange a table, move tables together for larger parties, and even the proper eye contact and focus when guests ask them questions.

greeting customers in a restaurant

Hostesses need to act and look friendly, polished, not loud, vulgar, bored, or bossy. It is vital not to let any irritation reflect during their service. They must be polite at all times to let their customers know that they value their presence. They wear a different uniform than the other dining staff to make sure they are identifiable just in case the guest needs her assistance. Their level of formality depends on the type of restaurant or diner she works. In some formal restaurants, they are required to wear clothing that often shows some manners to keep the restaurant’s overall decoration.

Most establishments require you to be at least a high school graduate to land a job. You can also consider having a degree in hospitality management if you would like to end up as a general manager of a restaurant.

Overall, these ladies need to be professional by helping keep their customers happy and wanting to come back to their place.

Just make sure that you have a combination of skills, knowledge, and experience for you to land a job at being a hostess.