Work With Furry Creatures!

For many people, working with animals or pets brings a lot of joy to their life and makes them feel as though they have found their place in the world. This is completely understandable as not everyone is cut out for the corporate office life, being a lawyer, or working on a construction site.


Everyone is different, and we all have different life skills or activities that make us happy.

As the saying goes – sometimes you need to do what you love!

Many people that grew up with a family pet understand the love and care that animals require. Just like taking care of children, babies, or the elderly, animals also need special attention that requires a certain level of skill, dedication, and experience.

Here are some great examples of jobs that you can apply for if you are looking to help with the living creatures of the Earth!

Veterinary (Vet) Assistant

Dog Walker

Pet Sitter

Doggie Daycare

Animal Caregiver

Animal Caretaker

Kennel Technician

Animal Health Technician

Adoptions Counselor

Reptile Keeper

Zoo Work

Barn Chores

and many, many more.

dog walking statistics

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then the best thing to do is use the search bar above to enter your information to locate a job nearby. Make sure you are specific about the type of work or the type of animal care you are searching for, particularly if it requires a degree or prior experience.

People that love to work with dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, strays, and sheltered animals are high in demand in many cities around the USA. Experience working in this field can also lead to a more rewarding career down the line when it comes to activism, veterinary care, and other jobs that bring a help and assistance to people in need.

If you are looking to get your start, why not consider dog walking? It’s an easy way to take on direct responsibility of someone’s pet which will give you time with the animal and can even develop into a lucrative business if you set it up correctly. Over time you can become the go-to person and can expand your work into other fields.

Dog walking is the perfect starting point for teenagers and young adults. It might not seem like it is that difficult, but it takes responsibility, organization, maintaining a schedule, and good communication skills. Are you able to complete the job on time? Can you consistently deliver on a routine basis? These are all questions that potential clients will ask. Gaining a good reputation can lead to job referrals later on if you choose to become a veterinarian, daycare worker, or even zookeeper!

Use the search function on this page to enter the exact type of work you are looking for, and in what location near you. Then submit your résumé to potential employers to request an interview. If you are selected, you could be on your way to your next big opportunity. Good luck and thanks for taking care of the world’s animals!