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Roles And Responsibilities Of Landscaping Jobs

Landscaping is an extremely diverse field. There are dozens of positions that fall within this category. These positions could include a gardener, a landscape designer, a brush cutter, a caretaker, even a cemetery keeper. Let’s take a look at a few of the roles and the duties they perform on a regular basis.

Landscape Designer

These are the guys having most of the fun when it comes to landscaping. They take the time to create the wonderful and unique design concepts that you see outside. This can include pathways, stone structures, shrubbery, fountains, and anything else you might find on someone’s lawn. It is said that a landscape designer is a bridge between a garden designer and a landscape architect.

A lot of the work of a landscape designer may focus on designing gardens. These aren’t your average gardens with a row of carrots and a row of cucumbers. They are designed within a certain set of constraints and to meet some sort of visual goal. For example, a homeowner may want a maze-like structure built on their property from their knot garden.

Landscape designers rarely do all of their work alone. They typically consult with other professionals that work in related fields. For example, they might source information from geologists, architects, surveyors, or civil engineers. All of these fields play a key role in the final product.

Those closely related, there is some difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect. Architects usually focus on landscapes in urban areas, especially parks and corporate lawns. Designers, on the other hand, tend to focus on residential properties and are called to emphasize some artistic element.

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Landscape Technician

They may not have as much fun as a landscape designer, but it’s still an extremely important role with a lot of duties to keep up with. Landscape technicians are more commonly referred to as groundskeepers. They also tend to report to a landscape manager depending on the scope of their work.

A landscape technician can have any number of duties they must perform on a daily basis. Their key responsibilities are maintaining outdoor gardens, pruning, watering, mowing the grass, and caring for plants. They may also be charged with keeping a lawn looking neat and clean throughout the day.

Educational requirements aren’t as strict for securing this position. However, learning about horticulture and how to properly use tools will help out a lot. As will learning as much as possible about landscaping in general. In time, it’s possible to move up the chain towards a higher position such as a landscape manager. Lawn work especially can sometimes be a local seasonal job opportunity as during the winter months, grass does not grow as much.

Every Role Has Important Duties

Whether a manager, a technician, an architect, or a designer, every position within the field of landscaping has very important duties to fulfill. If you’re interested in landscaping, it’s important that you learn the various roles and the duties that they commonly perform. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with job requirements in terms of experience and education. Some positions may require professional certification as well.