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Registered practical nurses carry out several tasks in the hospital. This is a career that is very rewarding especially for anyone who likes to have a busy day with rewards at the end. Here are some of the duties that they perform.

Role And Responsibilities of a Registered Practical Nurse

Working in a hospital has many benefits.

Checking Patients’ Records and Updating Them

Nurses are responsible for ensuring that the patients’ charts show their progress. The nurses will check each patient and record their symptoms after a certain period of time. This is the information that the doctors will use to determine whether the particular medicine or mode of treatment is working for the patient.

Creating a Healthy Environment For Patients

This is a heavy responsibility that falls upon the nurses. They are required to ensure that all patients are comfortable and peaceful. They should not have any harmful items near them or any disturbances that could hinder their treatment. Nurses also ensure that they attend to each patients’ needs. If a patient is in deep pain they administer pain killers and ensure they feel better.

Keeping Doctors Updated on Patient Conditions

It is the nurses job to inform the doctor how the patient is fairing. If the patient gets worse, they should call the doctor immediately who then with the help of the nurses ensures that the right medication is given. This means that the nurse has to always be aware of the symptoms exhibited by the patient after each dose of medicine so as to tell whether they are improving or not. You can also get a job as a certified nursing assistant.

Assisting Surgeons During Operations

This is a very important part of the job. The doctor will need the nurse to do tasks that have to be done simultaneously with the operation. Therefore the nurse has to be well acquainted with all the procedures carried out so as to adequately help the doctor during surgery.

Keeping Inventory Records

The nurses ensure that they check all the requited medical equipment and medicine and record those that need to be restocked. They also keep the medicine lockers closed so as to ensure that there is no theft by people who might be addicted to pills or any medication.

Keep an Eye on Weaker Patients

The nurses are in charge of ensuring that the patients that cannot eat or perform other tasks on their own are attended to. They also ensure that the diet these patients eat is healthy and give them medicine at the recommended time.

nurses working in a hospital

Assist During Emergencies

ER nurses help out during times when there are too many patients. This could be when accidents occur or when there is an outbreak. The nurses coordinate with the doctors in ensuring all patients get proper treatment.

Apart from all these tasks, registered practical nurses ensure that they observe all the regulations put up by the health organizations. They also prepare any rooms needed for surgery or for critical patients. During the difficult cases, nurses will infer with the doctors.

Furthermore, nurses will assist during physical therapy sessions and will also perform lab work when required to by the doctors.