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A nanny is a professional, in-home childcare provider. Nannies are employed by parents to offer personalized and customized childcare for children in their home.

Working As A Nanny – The Roles & Responsibilities Involved

Parents prefer nannies since they are usually an affordable alternative to daycare services depending on the salary range offered and when there are several children to be cared for in a family.

Nannies offer one-on-one care and meet the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of the children under their care in the safety and comfort of their own home thus providing many families with a greater peace of mind.

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Job Description

The role of a nanny is mainly to provide a caring, stimulating, nurturing, and safe environment that children can thrive and develop in. The general responsibilities of a babysitting job include performing all tasks related to the care of the children.

Each nanny position may have slightly varied responsibilities depending on the requirements of the family, the ages of the children, among other factors but nannies are typically responsible for:

1. Preparing and serving healthy meals: A nanny is expected to respect the parent’s wishes of healthy eating and should be aware of dietary restrictions. Nannies are expected to always plan and prepare healthy meals.

2. Helping with hygiene and self-care: From toilet training to diapering to ensuring that pre-teens take showers, nannies should encourage and facilitate self-care skills.

3. Cleaning up after children: Nannies are charged with the responsibility of caring for children and picking up after them. This means that they should be ready to tidy up places that children use.

4. Administering or supervising baths: Older children may just require an adult present to supervise baths but babies require attentive and gentle bath time care.

5. Helping children dress: Parents are responsible for providing a wardrobe that fits their children but nannies are charged with the responsibility of dressing the children in the right attire. The nanny should be aware of any school events and rules requiring children to wear special attire or uniform on certain days.

6. Reinforcing discipline: Care givers should never rule with a whip and iron fist but nannies should be authoritative and firm. Persons that understand how to create a work-play balance provide the best environment for nurturing discipline.

7. Coordinating leisure activities: In the absence of parents, nannies are authoritative figures. It is therefore important that they map out daily schedules including productive activities during leisure time. Nannies should not offer TV and videogames are a solution to boredom.

8. Helping children with homework: Parents should seek out individuals that are both willing and capable of assisting children with schoolwork.

9. Transporting children to and from school and other leisure events: As full-time employees, nannies usually provide transportation to and from school and various other activities.

10. Creation of a safe environment: The safety of the children under their care should be the number one concern for any nanny.

The job description outlined here is for a full-time nanny position. However, the responsibilities and duties might differ slightly depending on the age of the children, the needs of the children, parent preferences, and many other factors.