Are You a Night Owl?

Not everybody can work a day job. This is because sometimes most day jobs require certain qualifications that you may not have. At times you may even want a night job so as to avoid the extremely annoying traffic jams. Apart from that, you may also want a night job to substitute pay for your day job.

Night Time Jobs And Responsibilities

Here are some of the types night time jobs and responsibilities that you can have.

Pizza or Food Delivery

You can opt for this job if you have a driver’s license or if you can ride a bike fast enough. It is important to keep in mind that people do not like their food to be delayed so always use short routes and deliver as fast as possible. Most of he times you will get tips for good customer service so you should have very good people skills. In case you are late, apologize instead of trying to justify yourself.

Security Guard

after hours security patrol

This is a good option for anyone who doesn’t mind being a night owl. You will be required to have a clean background so your employers can know that they can trust you. Most security jobs only require you to ensure no trespassers get into the compound.


This is a good job to do if you are a good conversationalist and listener. People will need to feel that they are bonding with you without being judged. It is also a good job because you will get tips from most of the customers. Ensure that you know your way around cocktails and any types of liquor.


Some institutions prefer cleaning to be done at night. This is a good job for any introvert since interaction with people and noise is limited. All you need to do is ensure all places are neat and clean. A very good way to earn some money.

Limo Driver

This is a very good night job for anyone who doesn’t mind driving around in the night. It’s is a good job especially during festive seasons like New Year’s Eve or when there are many weddings. You can drive bridal parties or even teenagers to prom night and get good money.

Waiter or Waitress

This is also a good option if you do not mind standing for long periods of time. It is advisable to have patience with this kind of job. If you are waiting any party then you should be able to notice when guests need something and attend to them right away. This is what will get you good tips.

You can also wait tables at clubs, though this requires you to be able to handle any clients that may become too drunk and misbehave.


Sometimes people with small babies may need a babysitter for the night. If you are good with children, you can do this job and make some good money from it. Remember the parents need to trust you with their children so you should be absolutely sure you can handle the kids.