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Different Nursing Home Jobs and Responsibilities

Working in a nursing home is a fulfilling path to take in your life. The responsibilities that comes with this job ranges from basic personal hygiene to more serious ones like giving IV’s to elderly patients. There are three kinds of nurses that a nursing home usually hires. These are licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants, and registered nurses. Here are the roles that nurses are expected to take on in a home care facility.

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are in charge of basic and advanced duties in a nursing home. An LPN works closely under the supervision of a registered nurse as they take over tasks like monitoring the patients’ temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure, respiration and heart rates. Other advanced tasks for these nurses include inserting catheters, giving injections, and changing bandages. If you are an experienced LPN, you may be in charge of care plans for the patients. Find licensed practical nursing jobs nearby.

Nursing Aides and Assistants

These nurses give personal hygiene care for the residents. Their duties include bathing the residents, combing their hair, shaving them and clothing them. Keeping track of a patient’s record and giving dietary care is also one of the responsibilities of a nursing assistant. An assistant is asked to work under an LPN’s guide. Find medical assistant jobs nearby.

Registered Nurses (RNs)

Registered nurses have the highest position in a nursing home. They supervise the activities of all the staff in a nursing home. The overall health and medical history of a patient is one of the most important concerns of an RN. They make sure that each resident will receive the best health care that they can offer. RN’s also provide complex medical procedures for patients like monitoring blood and sugar levels, intravenous infusions, and administering oxygen. These nurses also work closely with the supervising physicians of each resident. Locate a nearby nursing job today.

Nursing Home Administrators

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A nursing home administrator are the ones looking after the whole nursing home facility, the staff, the budget, and is responsible for the quality of health care that a nursing home resident is receiving. He or she is considered as the chief officer of a nursing home. Being an administrator requires strict qualifications that varies in each state. The administrator job generally requires you to have at least 5 to 10 years of nursing home experience, a bachelor or master’s degree and an RN licensure for the current year.

Duties of a Home Care Nurse

Observing, assessing, and treating home care residents are just some duties of every home care care nurse. Companionship is also expected from a nurse. Giving residents emotional support is essential to maintain the patients’ well-being and protect them from depression. Nurses working in a home care facility are all licensed and registered, therefore, they can five medications to patients as needed as prescribed or approved by a physician.

Home care jobs are not easy and can be demanding as well. This job will require you to have more patience and hard work to survive the emotional and medical demands of this field. But being successful in this career will enable you to grow as a nurse and as an individual while learning new things in a nursing home.