Happy People Wanted!


Receptionists are easily one of the most underrated team members in any office building. The person sitting at the front desk or answering the phone is essentially the person who makes a first impression when someone contacts the company or walks through the door. They require good communication skills and a friendly personality. You cannot have a receptionist that is frustrated or angered easily, especially when dealing with people directly.

Although secretaries and receptionists jobs are mostly female dominated, men sometimes take on this role. What are the top ways to get hired in your local area? For one, it’s usually a good idea if you have prior working experience. Most businesses like to hire people that have had any type of previous working experience, even if it hasn’t been working as a secretary or receptionist. If you had previously worked as a cashier, shelf stocker, or any other line of work, you will have a better chance of getting the job because it shows that you have had previous responsibilities.

working the front desk

Often times you will not need a college degree, as many people are able to find work with just a high school diploma. When applying for an interview, you will need to have your résumé ready even if it does not have a lot of prior working history on it. That’s OK, you can still find work with a lot of companies.

You are going to need to have excellent organizational skills as well. Often times you will need to schedule meetings, answer the phone, follow up with callers, and organize the days activities for the rest of the staff. You should also have solid skills working with email programs and spreadsheets. If you are not very technologically savvy, this can be a big problem. You may be asked to juggle many different responsibilities and you will need to rely on your ability to use email, phone, and paper to get the job done!

Make sure you are a great listener. You should also be able to write things down and keep notes on the day’s events or meetings.  During an interview, someone might ask you what specific experience you have had in the past that makes you a good candidate. Try to think of the tasks you were responsible for in the past and use those as an example. Did you manage a team? Did you train anyone? Were you responsible for keeping a regular schedule or handing out tasks? All of this can directly benefit your ability to get hired as a receptionist at a job near you.

Use the search bar above to apply to a number of opportunities that you can consider. The more you apply to, the more likely it is that you will get a phone call in return. Make sure to be punctual and show up at your interview at the right time. Always be early! That way if you run into any issues, you will be there in plenty of time before the interview.