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Restaurant Jobs – Their Roles And Responsibilities

In any typical restaurant, there are many people working in different categories. From the manager to the dishwasher, each job contributes to the efficient running of the restaurant. Here are some of the common restaurant jobs, their roles and responsibilities.

1. The Restaurant Owner

In the smaller restaurants, you will find that the owner performs most of the tasks such as cooking, serving waiters, bookkeeping and much more. However, doing the same thing in a large restaurant would not be efficient. Therefore, the restaurant owner assumes a supervisory role where he/she is responsible for the administrative part of the restaurant such as hiring, firing, bookkeeping and many more.

2. The Main Chef

Here, the main chef is responsible for creating the menu, the food and any special orders. Basically, he/she is responsible for managing the kitchen. Since the restaurant owner might not have kitchen skills, the main chef is responsible for hiring or firing the kitchen staff, scheduling the menu and also handling the work schedules in the kitchen.

3. Restaurant Manager

Although the restaurant owner might take on the duties of the restaurant manager, it is always advisable to keep the two positions different. A restaurant manager is responsible for the day to day running of the restaurant. He/she handles reservations, displays and anything else that affects the restaurant. He/she is also tasked with creating work schedules for the servers and dividing them into sections.

4. The Server

serving customers

The waiter or waitress is responsible for taking customers’ orders, bringing food to the customers, bringing drinks and attending to any other requests that the customer might have. On the other hand, once the customer has finished his/her drink and meal, the server should provide the bill and take the payments offered by the customer. Find a job as a waitress in your local area.

5. Maintenance And Cleaning Crew

At all times, a restaurant needs to remain spic and span. The servers, managers, bartenders and chefs are not responsible for cleaning the restaurant. Once the restaurant opens or closes in the evening, it should always be cleaned from top to down and that’s where the maintenance and cleaning crew comes in handy.

At any one time, there are accidents that can happen in a restaurant. A customer might accidentally knock over his/her food or drink. The server might run into an obstacle and pour the contents of his/her tray. Therefore, the cleaning crew needs to be ready and available to handle these accidents as they happen.

On the other hand, if the cookers, fixtures or other things inside the restaurant are damaged, the maintenance crew is responsible for looking for the root of the problem and fixing it. A restaurant can’t run efficiently if there is no water or electricity as well as if the cookers were not working. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning crew has a lot to contribute to the efficient running of the restaurant.

In conclusion, there are many people tasked with different jobs to make sure that a restaurant is running efficiently. Everybody must work together to keep the customer satisfied at all times.