Help Needed for the Season!


When the holiday season comes around, many people look for part-time work due to the increased demand for labor in many industries. Retail businesses in particular are always looking for extra help and are willing to hire workers in your area to help out during the holidays, especially during Black Friday and Christmas.

Teens, parents, and the elderly are always looking for extra work opportunities during this time because generally speaking, no experience is required. Extra help is needed to stock shelves, run the cash register, or help customers find what they are looking for during heavy traffic periods.

seasonal workers

Macy’s in particular is always looking for help, so if you enter your location in the search tool above, you should be able to locate a store near you that is hiring temporarily for a few weeks or months. Often times you can simply contact their job manager to see if they are looking for workers in November and December. Most businesses will employ workers or at least being the interview process in October and November in order to properly staff their departments by the time the customer traffic is at its peak.

Another potential job to look for is a UPS driver assistant. During peak holiday hours, drivers work with a partner to help them run packages to the houses and mailboxes while they prepare the next delivery. Shipping volume is extremely high as people use services like Amazon more than ever.

For this reason, no experience is necessary since you just need to be able to follow orders and do the job correctly. Once Christmas time has passed, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery services will no longer need their temporary driver assistants.

You should be able to find a good paying job if you keep searching and stay persistent. Most stores will make a hiring decision quickly, so if you do not hear back right away then you should simply move on to the next opportunity. Check out some more jobs in your location.