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Security Guard Responsibility and Tasks

Most people really do not understand what security guards do. For the vast majority of people they believe that the person is there to be a private form of the police to stop crimes. Sure, in many situations that is the job of a security team but in other capacities a guard is part of the company’s risk management protocol.

Many corporations are required by their insurance policy to have a a secure working environment. A lot of times they’re not worried just about crime but they’re worried about other things going on as well. There are security guard positions where the guards main duty is protecting the building from chemical hazards.

security guards at firing range

I remember working a security job where basically walked around every hour, checking out the million-dollar heating and cooling system, and make sure that it was running correctly because of a had any hiccups it cause huge problems in the data center that I worked for. So my job was not to protect the building crime but to protect them from temperature changes that could harm the very sensitive computer hardware that was used to handle on the demand about keeping for companies all across the globe.

Bodyguards and protection specialists come in all different types. You have the type that might wear a gun and there dared to stop a crime, you have those that are just there to give the appearance of protection, you have those that do not use guns but simply drop around in cars and give a presence safety and to act as a form of target hardening.

Typically the day-to-day duties of a sentry is patrolling. It doesn’t matter if you’re patrolling a data center like I did and you’re watching over equipment to make sure that nothing bad happens to it, you could be patrolling a bad area of town making sure that people do not break into cars or buildings, you could be working for bank and you dare to deter bank robbers, the matter what your job is patrolling is the number one thing you would do. Walking around, showing yourself to the public so that they would know someone is doing their job and that the facility is protected. You may be asked to guard an office or warehouse with sensitive material.

Another older role officers often play is customer service affiliates. Many jobs you’re going to be the first person that people see, you will be checking people into the building, making sure that they are supposed to be there, but ensure that they have proper identification to get in and out of the building.

So there many different duties that a protection team will do and is not all crime prevention related either. Companies hire security squads for many different reasons and no matter what those reasons are is an important job to that company and it should be an important job to you. It is an opportunity to give great customer service, you’re part of a corporation’s risk management policy and to build skills that will be valuable to you for lifetime.